Sick, Pointless and with new engine.

I'm sick. There are elections out there and I'm bored under my blankets.

I can't sleep and the geek in me ask if my too much simple blog need to revamped. For a long time I've thought about a simple content manager written in some interesting language (ie ruby) using flat text files for persistence. Not much different from blogger that I've used until today, but that's involve in reinventing the wheel. Again.

So i've made a prompt decision : Follow the masses, use Wordpress. I don't need to satisfy my ego having a blog, but when i have something to write is cool to have a space with a simple publish tool. I made some points here :

  • Import from blogger. Worked but i've needed to disable the the FTP publishing. Permalink created by wordpress are different from blogger but there's a plugin that converts all permalinks backward compatibile with blogger.
  • Flickr integration. Great, but now disabled for the most.
  • My Google Reader shared items now have an use.
  • Now i can put millions of plugins that they'll make the site slower and slower.
  • Continue my mixture of english and italian.
  • Write 3 post one day and nothing for a year.

See ya.